Metropolitan Funeral Cover


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Metropolitan Funeral Cover Benefits:

Up to R50 000 Cover from Just R36That’s Around R1.20 a Day. You Decide Your Cover Levels for Each Person.

No Waiting Period for Accidental DeathYour Payout will Automatically Double in the Event of Accidental Death.

Shopping BenefitGet  up to R18 000 extra on you policy. This Amount can Help With Groceries in a Time of Need.

48 Hour Quick Cash PayoutOnce All the Claim Documents are Submit, Payouts Occur Within 48 Hours.

Cover up to 9 RelativesThis Includes Your Siblings, Uncles,  Aunts, Grand Parents, etc..


Metropolitan Funeral Cover Explained

Metropolitan Life was established in the late 1890 in Cape Town. Since starting more than 100 years ago, Metropolitan Life has become one of South-Africa’s largest Insurance companies. The company is one on the fourth largest life assurers in terms of market capitalisation and even listed as a JSE Top 100 company. Metropolian Funeral Cover is a straightforward well thought out funeral plan with ample great benefits. With Metropolitan Funeral, you can cover yourself or your entire family.
You can select cover from R5000 – R50 000. With Metropolitan Funeral Cover, you will have flexible cover options.

With Metropolitan funeral cover, you the consumer has the option to choose between 5 different levels of funeral insurance.

Member Only.
Member, Spouse, Children.
Parents, Parents-in-Law (Extended Family)
Member & Parents (Parent-in-Laws)
Member, Spouse, Children, Parents, Parent-in-Laws and up to 9 Extended Members.

As with most affordable funeral cover providers, with Metropolitan funeral cover, your premium is calculated by you age next birthday and cover amount.
In a nutshell: Metropolitan Life provides everything you expect from an insurance company and more. For security, reliability and professionalism become part of the Metropolitan Life family today. With Metropolitan Funeral Cover, you have many options and great benefits. This funeral plan will give you and your family a comprehensive solution to fit your exact needs.

Metropolitan-Benefits-Explained-BannerMetropolitan Funeral Cover Benefits

When we lose a loved one, the last thing we certainly want to worry about is finding the funds to arrange a well deserving funeral. With the Metropolitan Group Scheme, you can take the weight of your shoulders and put on Metropolitan’s. They will ensure that if all the documentation is received the payout will happen within 48 hours. This means you know your family will be financially stable and in a position to arrange a proper funeral.

With this funeral plan, you can cover yourself, cover your family, cover your parents, or even cover your extended family.
Metropolitan provides a cost effective, affordable funeral plan.

With tailor-made premiums, you can choose the insured amount for yourself, your family, parents or extended family. This amount is how much you foresee you will have to pay for the funeral expenses and determined by your needs.
The premium you pay for your funeral cover will depend on your age upon inception of the funeral policy. Younger members will pay less than older members due to a lower risk factor.

Included Policy Benefits

Accidental Death benefit
Paid-up Benefit
CashBack Benefit
Family Assistance Benefit

Optional Policy Benefits

Tombstone Benefit
iNkomo Benefit
Shopping Benefit
Survival Benefit
Automatic Inflation Management Benefit
Benefits Explained


Metropolitan Funeral Cover – Accident benefit

This is an extra benefit added to your funeral plan the amount is equal to the amount of cover chosen. This amount is payable if an immediate family member (older than 14 due to legislation) dies as a direct result of an accident. Parents and extended family are not covered with this benefit it’s only available to your direct family members insured on the plan.

Metropolitan Funeral Cover – Paid-up benefit

The plan continues without any further premiums. This can happen at: Your retirement. You, your family, your parents and/or parents-in-law and extended family will be eligible for cover. The benefit will be calculated according to the number of continuous premiums paid per member, parents and extended family.

Tombstone Benefit

With this benefit, the beneficiary will get a maximum of R15 000. This pay-out can be used to pay for the tombstone. The pay-out date can be arrange at the claim stage. The date can be change a maximum of 3. The claim must be made within 18 months of a successful claim. The tombstone benefit can be taken as a stand-alone benefit.

iNkomo Benefit

With this benefit, a lump sum payment up to a maximum sum assured of R15 000. The iNkomo benefit can be taken as a stand-alone benefit.

Shopping Benefit

With this benefit, there will be additional cover on the life of the policy owner and the life partner. Up to a maximum sum assured of R18 000 can be taken for this benefit. This is a whole life benefit. This means that cover continues after the death of the policy owner or after age 65. This benefit is available if the policy includes the Paid-up benefit. Please note: Cover ceases upon the death of the policy owner or life partner or the policy lapses.

Accidental Death Benefit

With this benefit, up to a maximum of R30 000 will be paid upon accidental death. This benefit is available to the insured policy holder, partner and children. This benefit is available to insured lives older than 13 and younger than 65.

Survival Benefit

With this benefit, a lump sum payment will be made when the policy owner survives until age 65. The maximum sum assured on this benefit is R50 000. The Survival Benefit cannot be taken as stand-alone.

Your Death

Your family, your parents and/or parents-in-law and extended family will be eligible for cover. With Metropolitan Funeral Cover, you can rest assured that your family will be taken care of when you die.