Funeral Cover for Parents

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Funeral Cover for Parents


Certainly, the very last thing we want to do is speak to our parents about funeral cover for parents. Unfortunately, death is inevitable, and the topic does not have to be taboo. Discussing funeral cover with your parents doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Speak to your parents while you are on good terms and explain to them the benefits of such funeral insurance. It’s definitely in the entire family’s best interest if all the family members are covered with funeral cover, not just the older family members. This can also be explained to your parents. If you have funeral cover in place, they would most likely be comfortable if you add them to your policy?

Some Possible Points to Raise Regarding Funeral Cover for Parents

  1. Funeral cover for parents ensure that, at the time of the insured’s death, money will be available.
  2. The older you get, the more expensive funeral cover for parents becomes.
  3. Everybody, regardless of age, should have some sort of funeral cover.
  4. It’s the responsible thing to do for your family.
  5. Parents can be added to your existing or new policy.
  6. A 6 month waiting period usually applies for natural death.
  7. It’s not for any financial gain, but simply to cover costs.
  8. It’s because you love them.

Important Things to Remember When Considering Funeral Cover for Parents

A very important thing to consider, the older you get the higher your risk of natural death becomes. So essentially, the longer you wait to take out a funeral plan for your parents, the more expensive you monthly premiums become. Funeral insurance premiums are usually rely on your age bracket. Most affordable funeral cover for parents will not even require a medical checkup, however, a 6 month waiting period will apply for natural death. This waiting period was thereto prevent people from taking funeral cover, while insured members are on their death bed. This is an industry standard. Most funeral insurance policies will, however, cover you for accidental death from your very first premium.

Why Should I Get Funeral Cover for My Parents?

Getting funeral insurance for your parents is in no way for financial gain, it’s purely there to cover the cost and provide them with the farewell they deserve. The reason why we get funeral cover for our parents is because we actually love them, not for any other reason. Explain this to your parent, most likely they will understand.

You can get funeral insurance for your own parents, or your parents in law. To get affordable funeral cover for your parents, simply fill in the form on the right and we will contact you with more information. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get your peace of mind today.


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  1. Ntokozo
    October 18, 2017

    I need a funeral cover for my parents

  2. Candy
    January 25, 2018

    I need a funeral cover for my family to the value of R200000.00

  3. Adele
    January 28, 2018

    Hi do you cover 80 year old parents?

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