Who Needs a Funeral Cover Plan?

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Funeral Cover Plan – Who Needs it?


A question many people ask, who needs funeral cover plan? You can never be too young, or too old to get funeral cover plan. Death, unfortunately, can happen to anybody on any day. So, let’s go through the stage of life and see who needs funeral cover. As you will see below, everybody needs funeral cover. It does not matter if you are young, or old, every stage of live has it’s related risks.

Young People

Getting affordable funeral cover quotes is something every independent person should consider. If you are a young person and is covered with your family funeral plan, sooner or later you will be excluded. As soon as you turn 21, you will be removed from the policy, unless you are a full time student, then it will be until your 25th birthday. Many young people will feel that having funeral cover is unnecessary, as a matter of fact; it’s actually vitally important. Young peopleĀ  have just as much risk as anybody else, you are in a higher accidental risk bracket.

As a young person, it’s the responsible thing to do, if something were to happen to you, your family will not be under financial strain while having to deal with the loss of your life. Younger people, you will have less risk; thus your premium will be substantially lower. So many young people might say, well, if I have a policy from a young age, I will pay thousands of rand if I die when I’m really old. This is a valid concern; however, most funeral plans reach a state where it is “paid up”. This means that your policy will no longer require any premiums although you will still be cover in full. So in short, no matter how young you are, you need funeral insurance.

Middle Aged People

When we reach the middle of our life, we have built our lives and usually have families. During this stage of our lives, we start leaving the accidental death high risk stage, but, unfortunately, we are entering the high risk natural death period. During the middle of our lives, we enter stages where we our bodies are more susceptible to certain chronicle illnesses. At this stage of our lives, funeral cover plan can still be affordable. Having comprehensive funeral cover at this stage of our lives can really benefit your family. You can ensure that your grieving family will have the financial help need. In short, during this stage of our lives it is vitally important to have a full family funeral plan. You can even include your souse, children, parents, extended family etc.

Old People

During this stage of our lives, we know we have had a full life. At this point, we are highly likely to die of natural causes. With most of South-Africa’s funeral plans, you will have absolutely no medical questions or medical checkups. With most South African funeral plan providers, you don’t even have to disclose your medical history. A very important thing to consider is, with funeral insurance, you will likely have a 6 month waiting period. This is an industry standard, and was simply to prevent people taking policies while they are on their death beds.

After the 6 months waiting period, you will get cover for matters like, heart attack, cancer etc. Most funeral plans do not exclude any natural causes. This means that you know that your family will have money available when the inevitable happens. Getting funeral cover is the right thing to do. For a relatively small monthly contribution, you can make a big difference.

Funeral Cover for Extended Family Members

In this difficult economy, many South-Africans have extended family members to take care of. With most affordable funeral policies, you can cover extended family members. This includes, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces etc. Helping your extended family members can be a great decision. With most South-African insurance providers, you can add your extended family to your existing, or new funeral policy. It’s usually not very expensive, and they will for the most part get exactly the same benefits. Some providers offer extended benefits to the policy holder.

Funeral Cover for Employees

If you are an employer, it’s your duty to ensure that your employees are taken care of. An employee funeral cover plan is a great way to offer your employees additional benefits. We often see that when an employee pass away, the families look to the employer to assist them with the burial process. Getting employee or group funeral cover is easy and can be very cost effective.


Getting the best burial cover quotes are easy. Simply fill in your details on the right, we will contact you with more information.

In a nutshell: Everybody needs burial cover, whether you are covered by your own policy, or by a family members policy. A Funeral will cost money regardless of you age or status. Having the right protection is the only way to be ready for this unfortunate event.

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