Why Car Insurance?

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Why You Absolutely Must Purchase Car Insurance


OK, car insurance is not a legal requirement. We all know that. If you do not have car insurance in place some people still drive. Well, you can, but you can expect to be in a lot of trouble if you are in an accident. However, you do have to realise that there are many more reasons other than this to have car insurance. It is not just a ‘tax’ on road drivers (the government gets barely any cash from your insurance policy anyway), it is something there to protect you.

Let’s say you are involved in a car accident. A fairly minor one, although it was found that you are the negligent party. You perhaps caused a small amount of damage to the vehicle, maybe destroyed a brick wall, oh, and a couple of passengers have injuries.

Types of Car Insurance

That type of damage is going to need payment. If you were the party at fault, you are the one that is going to need to dip into your pocket and pay for the damage. It is going to run into a lot of cash though. Remember, cars, particularly those with body damage are not going to be easy to repair. In addition to this, you have to deal with the rather hefty expense of repairing that brick wall, and you have medical expenses thrown in on top of that. This is where your car insurance will help you out.
Your car insurance will be there to cover all of that.

Other than your excess, you will not need to pay much towards the insurance costs. In fact, you will not have to pay anything (providing you have the right type of coverage at least). Obviously, your insurance rates will go up the next year, but at least you are not going to be diving into your bank account for a rather huge sum of cash. Remember, it is not just accidents that you are covered for either. Depending on your car insurance, you may be covered for damage to the windscreen (a common problem, thankfully easy to rectify, but may cost a rather large sum of cash without the right coverage). You may be covered for fire. You may be covered for theft. It is worth taking a look at what your insurance policy covers to know exactly what you are going to get out of it.


In short, car insurance is there to save you money. Sure, you will not be making claims on it on a regular basis. You will be paying money towards it and getting no ‘benefit’ (this is why most people begrudge paying car insurance). If you do run into a spot of difficulty. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that your car insurance policy will be there to save you. It is to ensure that you do not have large costs to deal with that you will be unable to afford. Remember, without car insurance, the claimant will still be able to get money from you, but they will need to head to court, and that will not be pretty.

Car insurance is just one of many types of cover available. At InShoor™, we can assist with most types. If you need a free car insurance quote, feel free to let us know. Our friendly team is standing by to assist you.

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