AVBOB Policy Plan

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AVBOB Policy Plan Explained


Want to know more about the AVBOB Policy Plan. This is a basic synopsis that will explain a lot about them and their policy. Firstly, when you plan on getting funeral cover, one of the most known names in the industry will be AVBOB. We have all heard the Afrikaans saying “Jy speel op AVBOB se stoepe” when you in danger or doing something presumably wrong. AVBOB established a trust relationship with the people of South-Africa because it’s a household name. AVBOB has been around for almost a century; this should clearly indicate that they know the funeral insurance industry. AVBOB provides mostly funeral and life cover.

About the Policy

The AVBOB policy plan offers you a cash payout, as well as a funeral service. When looking for the most relevant funeral cover provider for your needs, it’s important to know what benefits you will receive. With AVBOB policy plan, you will receive your cash payout. You then have the option to make use of AVBOB’s services. You can spend your cash payout on what ever you see fit, or you can use the money to pay for the funeral using AVBOB’s products and services. The policy holder will receive some free benefits regardless of where you spend your payout.

The AVBOB policy plan offers you free benefits like:

  1. A free basic funeral of up to R11 000*
  2. Use of a hearse
  3. Use of tents and chairs at the grave site
  4. Free local telephone calls
  5. Use of the mortuary
  6. Transportation of the deceased anywhere in South-Africa etc.


This is just some of the free benefits listed on your AVBOB policy plan. If you need additional services like catering, family cars or fresh flowers, you can use your cash payout to eliminate the bill. Whatever money remains from your cash payout can be used for anything the family requires. So with AVBOB policy plan, you will receive a cash payout and free funeral benefits. Making sure that you get the funeral plan you require is very important.

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