Funeral Cover Over the Festive Season

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Funeral Cover Over the Festive Season

We have come to the time of year again where everybody is looking forward to some rest. December is a time for family and joy. Unfortunately, this is also a time that a lot of accidents happen. Funeral Cover is an extremely important thing to consider. We don’t want to start the festive season with any negativity, but it’s imperative to be realistic.

Funeral cover is definitely something that you should put on your holiday checklist. You can get peace of mind that you and your loving family will be taken care of in a time of need.

The following statistics are based on December 2011 (Arrive Alive):

1. 1474 people had fatal car accidents from 1 Dec 2011 – 11 Jan 2012.

2. Most common crash time 19h:00 – 23h:00.

3. Most vulnerable ages 18 -29.

Most common causes of accidents:

1. Dangerous, reckless and/or inconsiderate driving.

2. Speeds too high for conditions.

3. Abuse of alcohol by both drivers and pedestrians.

4. Vehicle fitness, particularly defective brakes and tyre failure.

5. Fatigue, especially amongst public passenger drivers.

6. Pedestrian negligence.

The above statistics should be a clear indication that accidents definitely increase over the New Year period. Due to all the festivities, the number of drunk drivers increase significantly. Please don’t be one of them. Drinking and driving claims innocent lives.

Unfortunately, we need to consider the above statistics. Due to massive congestion and drunk drivers, accidents happen more than you might think. Because there are so many people on the roads that drop their guard because they are on holiday, accidents are more likely to happen. Getting funeral cover for you and your family might be a life changing decision.

Funeral cover can make funds available to your beneficiaries should something happen to you. Considering the cost of eating at a restaurant, you can get comprehensive funeral cover for less than eating out just once. Don’t think because it’s the holiday season, you don’t want to spend money on something like funeral cover.

Don’t wait until the New Year before you get your funeral plan in place. Get you free quote today. We can help you sign up for your funeral cover before you leave on holiday.

We wish all our customers a merry festive season. Please, be safe and please stay on the right side of the law. Don’t speed, and definitely don’t drink and drive.

Be Safe!


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