Too Young for Funeral Cover?

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Too Young for Funeral Cover?
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Youth Funeral Plan


You are never too young to start contributing towards your own funeral plan. Generally a funeral plan will cover children until the age of 21, unless they study full time, then they can be cover until they turn 25.

As soon as you leave the “child” bracket, you should get your own funeral plan. It’s always a good idea to get your funeral protection plan while you are young. Premiums are worked out according to the age of the applicant. So, if you are you, your premiums will be significantly cheaper. We always say that we are too young to participate in insurance like funeral insurance. The fact of the matter is you need funeral cover at a young age. Death does not know your age; anybody can die at any time. Having a funeral plan can really take the weight of your families shoulders when you pass away.

Funerals are extremely expensive and can cost a family a lot of money. If you have your funeral insurance in place, you can help your family in a time of need.



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