Cashback Funeral Cover


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We Offer our Quoting Service Free of Charge! If You Are Satisfied with Your Free Quote, We Arrange Your Policy at No Additional Cost to You.

That’s Around R1.20 a Day. You Decide Your Cover Levels for Each Person.

Some Providers We Represent Includes Free Accidental Death Cover. Your Payout will Automatically Double in the Event of Accidental Death.

Get a Full Years’ Premiums Back Every 5 Claim Years You Don’t Claim.

Once All the Claim Documents are Submit, Payouts Occur Within 48 Hours.

Some Providers we Represent Offer Free Funeral Services. This Includes Use of Hearse, Tents, Grave site, Transportation of Deceased & Use of Mortuary.

Acceptance Guaranteed. No Health Questions or Blood Tests are Required for Funeral Insurance.

Get Funeral Cover Anywhere in South Africa. You Don’t Even Have to Leave Your House. We Arrange Everything for You

Get One Phone Call from the Same Friendly Consultant. You Can Speak to the Same Consultant Regarding Different Providers.

What is Cashback Funeral Cover?

Have you ever heard of the term “Cashback Funeral Cover”? Cashback is not limited to just funeral insurance. There are many types of insurance policies that offer this kind of benefit. On this page, we will look at what cashback funeral cover means for the policyholder.

Firstly, let’s look at insurance premiums. When we take out insurance products, we have a monthly premium. This amount must be paid every month, regardless if you ever claim. If your policy is in force for a couple of years, this amount will become massive. Sometimes it might feel like you are paying this amount for no reason.

This is one of the reasons some providers offer a cashback option. It’s basically a reward for your loyalty.

With AVBOB Cashback Funeral Cover, you will get back 1 year’s premiums every 5 years. There are some terms and conditions to qualify. Firstly, there must be no claims. Secondly, the premiums must be paid up in full.

Getting cashback on your insurance premiums can be great. It’s almost like a little savings plan. The money paid out can be used for anything you desire. You can use the cash to buy a new TV or even pay for a weekend away.

Secondly, let’s look at a practical example. If you factor in the bonus into your premium, you actually pay a lot less for your policy. For example, if you pay R100 a month for your policy, a years’ premiums will be R1200. If you take the amount over 5 years, it will be R6000. If you minus the R1200 it will be R4800. You then divide the R4800 over 5 years, your actual monthly premium will be R80 per month. If you look at it from this angle, it makes a lot of sense to have some form of cashback on your policy.

AVBOB Cashback Funeral Plan

Cost of a Funeral (South African Money)

AVBOB offers a great cashback plan. It is an optional benefit on your policy. You do not have to take the cashback option if you do not want it. The policy has the same benefits. You still get your normal policy benefits, with the added cashback bonus.

Over and above your cashback benefit, AVBOB also offers clients up to R4000 discount on the funeral. This should also be considered when you decide on your cover level. This amount will only be discounted if you make us of AVBOB to arrange the funeral.


Not all providers have this option on their policies. We always suggest you ask your provider about any payback or claim free bonus. There are many names for this benefit. At the end of the day, they serve the same function.
AVBOB offers a great cashback funeral plan. You will get some of your premiums back over time. Just imagine, you can get as much as a full year’s premiums back if you do not claim for 5 years. You can apply for your policy on our website. A friendly consultant will contact you with all the information.

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