Funeral Parlour Products

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Funeral Parlour Products & Services ¬†Funeral Cover for Special Groups | Funeral Parlours | Churches | Burial Societies *Please note that the option below is not for employees or smaller groups. This plan is aimed mostly at funeral parlours. For employee or smaller groups, please select the group or employee option in our contact form. Funeral Cover Finder has recently teamed up with a well-established financial institution to bring you funeral parlour products and support. If you have a new or existing funeral parlour, we can arrange cover at extremely low premiums. This means that even if you currently offer … Continued

Burial Society

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Burial Society Many of us have heard the words “burial society” although most of us are uncertain of what the term means exactly. A burial society is basically a form of friendly society. Historically these groups started in England and were established for the sole purpose of providing by voluntary subscriptions, money in the case of the passing of one of the members. A burial society is a non-profit society and the practice still exists today. Basically a burial group scheme consists of a large group of people, family and/or friends. Usually leaders will be appointed by the rest of … Continued