Employee Funeral Cover

With general living costs increasing almost daily, it’s becoming a constant battle to budget for all our living expenses. As an employer, you can make a huge difference in the lives of your companies steam. Providing your hard working employees with some form of employee funeral cover is the right thing to do. Employers should take responsibility for their employees; after all, they are your company’s oxygen and must be treated like gold.

Cost of a Funeral

Many of us don’t know how expensive funeral can be. If you have not arranged a funeral recently, you will be surprised to find that funerals have become extremely costly. Even if you water it down to the basics and can still cost you a tremendous amount of money. We often see employees struggle financially when a coworker passes away. Sometimes the workers stand together and try to contribute towards the funeral. Other times the employer will have to step in to help. Many respected employees don’t have enough funds available to arrange a decent funeral. Some employees may even be the sole breadwinner for their family. Not having money to lay a loved one to rest can be devastating.


Why Get Employee Funeral Cover?

Getting employee funeral cover can relief tons of pressure from employees and their families. It does not have to be to most expensive action; the employer can contribute a percentage or the full amount. Employers can even decide if they want their employees to add family members to the funeral plan or not.

There is a couple of options available. Most providers in South Africa have flexible options. The Employer does not have to carry the cost alone. The premium can be split amongst the worker and employer. Employee Funeral Insurance can also be offered as a company benefit in full. It all comes down to your needs.

Cost of Employee Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover for Employees is not that expensive. The risk is spread over the amount of people in the group. This helps to bring down the total amount of risk. Getting group cover is a completely different quoting process. You do not pay the same as with normal policies. In order for us to do a quote, we need the amount of people, claims history, ages, etc.


By supplying your deserving employees with employee funeral cover, you can make a massive difference. It’s not difficult to sign up for employee or group funeral cover. Start taking action and contact us today.
We can give you or your employees a free presentation. Some companies do not want to get involved. They do, however, want employees to be covered. In this situation, we usually need only a couple of minutes to speak to the employees. We do not waste your production time. Our friendly team understand the importance of effectiveness. We arrange policies over a couple of days. It usually need about 5 – 10 minutes per employee. We call them one at a time to ensure the least amount of downtime.
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