[faq q=”What is Funeral Cover?”]Funeral Cover is an insurance policy that will pay you, or your family cash in the event of death. You can cover your direct, and indirect family members. Payouts are usually done withing 48 hours of a claim. Quick Payouts make money available as quick as poosible. Read More[/faq]
[faq q=”Who Needs Funeral Cover?”]Everybody needs funeral cover. It does not matter how old you are. Death does not discriminate. Death can happen to anybody on any day. Read More[/faq]
[faq q=”Do I Need A Medical Examination?”]Funeral Insurance does not require any medical examinations. Trusted burial insurance providers will always give you the benfit of the doubt. Your medical history does not influence your monthly premium. Read More[/faq]
[faq q=”Who Do You Represent?”]We represent only the best providers in South Africa. We offer AVBOB, Metropolitan Life & Discovery Life. We have made sure all our providers have amazing products & services. Read More[/faq]
[faq q=”How Much Does it Cost?”]Every funeral plan will be unique. Premiums are worked out according to your age, the amount of people and cover level you need. We do our best to make sure you get the best possible deal. Read More[/faq]
[faq q=”How do I Get A Free Quote?”]Getting a free funeral cover quote has never been easier. All you need to do is complete our basic contact form. One of our friendly consultant will give you a quick call to explain everything to you. We will do a free quote for you. If you are happy with your free quote, we can arrange your cover at no additional cost. Get a Quote Now[/faq]
[faq q=”Is This Service Free?”]100%. We are a registered financial service provider. This means we can arrange your policy at no additional cost to our clients. Using our service will not cost our clients anything extra on their policy fees. There is absolutely no reason not to use our service. Read More[/faq]