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What is Group Funeral Schemes?

A group scheme or group funeral plan is one of the best ways to cover a large number of people under the same policy. This can be for a company, church or even Government organization. With a group funeral scheme, you get very affordable premiums. The premiums are based on the total risk of the combined group. In most cases, this will amount to a premium much lower than an individual policy. A group does not consist of a large family. A group is typically a couple of hundred members or more.

With a group funeral plan, everybody can have the benefit of a funeral policy without breaking the bank. This is a very flexible product and can be tailored to your exact needs. Later in this article we will discuss the premiums and some available options.


The Importance Of Group Funeral  Cover

The most important asset in any company is the employees that drive your business to success, the driving power your machine requires to move forward. Group funeral cover providers believe in giving your employees and their families the opportunity to create a financially secure future for themselves without having to pay an arm and a leg. Group funeral cover providers help you as an employee provide the extra benefits they deserve. This benefit does not cost an arm and a leg and can make a major difference.

Who is Group Funeral Cover Aimed at?

Most group funeral scheme providers offer a wide-ranging range of products specially tailored to suit the needs of your company and employees in the lower to middle income group.

All the providers we use offer a wide range of group funeral scheme products which can be used to compliment your company’s current benefits and give your employees and their family’s peace of mind and financial security.

Some example of group scheme policy holders will be churches, companies, etc. There is not maximum amount of people you can add to the group funeral plan. For example, a large group can easily consist of 50 000+ members. Having a quality group scheme for your members or employees can have a lot of benefits. Although we represent other group policy providers, most of the group policies we administer is on AVBOB. Below we will look at some of the befits of this policy.

What if we Have A Group Scheme?

If you already have a group funeral plan in place, we can still assist with a comparative quote. If you have an existing policy, it’s a much quicker process. We can use the existing database of members and policy history to quickly and effectively determine the cost per member. You can weigh the options.

If you do not have a policy yet, we need some details about the members you want to include in your quote. We will guide you every step of the way and make sure you get the best possible options presented to you. Our competent teams of friendly agents are waiting to assist you with your request. There is no obligation, if the quote is not what you expected, there will be no cost.

Examples of How a Group Scheme can Benefit You

Let’s look at some examples of how a policy can benefit you and your members.

Firstly, if a person is in your employ, they might be the only breadwinner in their family. We have heard many stories where an employee passes away without any form of funeral plan. In many cases, they family will ask the employer to assist. A basic burial can cost upwards of R10 000. This is often a cost the employer must assist with. With a group funeral scheme, the cost of the burial can be covered by spreading the premiums over the year. The employer will have the option to cover the entire premium or just a part. At the end of the day, the benefits of having funeral cover for your employees often outweigh the cost.

Not only do you protect the business, you also give your employees a valuable benefit. Everybody will die one day, not being prepared is irresponsible.

Secondly, the same often happens with churches. We sometimes hear of churches that charge a small membership fee to benefit the congregation. A church often feels obliged to help when a member pass away. In some cases, most members have their own individual funeral policy. This could easily cost between R300 – R400 for a standard family plan. Combined the individual members pay a lot more than if they had a decent group funeral scheme. For example, the same plan on a group could cost less than R100. This means the total expense is a lot less. We have also seen where a group scheme can help members who are not employed. Some churches ask slightly more than what the cost per member is. This means that some of the member who can’t contribute at any specific time can also benefit.

A group funeral scheme is a product that can be very beneficial if it’s setup properly and administered well. We are more than willing to sit down with you and discuss the options.

Group Funeral Cover Benefits

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Don’t hesitate to Contact us regarding affordable group funeral schemes. There are no groups to big or to small; we will accommodate you in every way. For a free no obligation, face to face presentation simply fill in our contact form, and we will arrange a meeting with your companies decision makers.

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