Burial Society

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Burial Society
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Burial Society

Many of us have heard the words “burial society” although most of us are uncertain of what the term means exactly. A burial society is basically a form of friendly society. Historically these groups started in England and were established for the sole purpose of providing by voluntary subscriptions, money in the case of the passing of one of the members. A burial society is a non-profit society and the practice still exists today.

Basically a burial group scheme consists of a large group of people, family and/or friends. Usually leaders will be appointed by the rest of the group. The leaders will have to make sure that the premiums are paid and that everybody is up-to-date with what is happening. This society will be driven purely by the leaders and members. The group will ensure that should something happen to one of the society members, there will be adequate support both financially and physically.

Burial Society Premiums

Usually the premiums will be deducted from one “burial society bank account” thus the appointed leaders will have to ensure that everybody in the society makes regular contributions. Because a burial society is a completely voluntary society, it usually combines the seriousness of funeral cover with social gatherings to make sure that all members are well known a part of the society. A burial society doesn’t have to revolve around the negativity associated with death.

If you are interested in either joining, or starting a burial society, feel free to contact us for more information. We can explain the procedure to you in person or over the phone. Burial societies are common, and a very effective way to ensure that your friends and family are cover in the event of death.


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    how do i start this business of buriel plan

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    October 3, 2017

    We are looking a funeral cover for society of 40 to 50 members

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