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Funeral Parlour Products & Services

 Funeral Cover for Special Groups | Funeral Parlours | Churches | Burial Societies

*Please note that the option below is not for employees or smaller groups. This plan is aimed mostly at funeral parlours. For employee or smaller groups, please select the group or employee option in our contact form.

Funeral Cover Finder has recently teamed up with a well-established financial institution to bring you funeral parlour products and support. If you have a new or existing funeral parlour, we can arrange cover at extremely low premiums. This means that even if you currently offer your clients a great funeral plan, you have the option to reduce your current risk premium. This means you can increase your profits without having to lift a finger. With our new funeral parlour funeral cover, you can move your current client base at any time. With this option, you can also receive great support and advice to start your own funeral parlour anywhere in South Africa. Our new funeral parlour policy option will work great for churches and other groups. This plan was designed with larger groups in mind. If you currently have a large client base on your funeral parlour book, this is a great place to find a funeral plan with great service and low premiums.

This option is mostly aimed at churches, funeral parlours and other burial societies. This plan is not available to individuals. For employee group funeral cover, we suggest that you select the employee or group option in our contact form.

There are a number of types of groups that require funeral cover as explained below:

Burial Societies

Burial societies can be a formal or informal group of people with a common cause: to provide funeral benefits for individuals that belong to the group when the person dies.

Mostly there is a common denominator for the group in that they work together, or are related, or live in the same community or a combination of the factors mentioned. They would generally have no insurance and would collect premiums from each member of the group and keep the cash or place it into a bank account and use these funds to pay for the costs of funerals

Sometimes the burial societies do have insurance cover for all or some of the associated risk with the death of a member

 Funeral Parlours Products

Funeral parlours are funeral services or businesses that provide a service to the family to bury the deceased. These services may include the provision of a coffin, food, tables and chairs and tents at the funeral. They normally have their own in-house products that may or may not be insured where the members pay a monthly fee to the funeral parlour, and for that fee a fixed package at the funeral will be provided. We now offer a great plan specifically designed for funeral parlours.

The FSB have placed new legislation on Funeral Parlours where they have to get a licence to operate as a Financial Services Provider (FSP). Mostly funeral parlours have not obtained their licences and require assistance to get registered to operate legally as a FSP

The Funeral Parlours generally provide three types of funeral plans to the members:

Society Plan

A society plan is a plan where members of related or unrelated family members can be on one insurance scheme and the main member can nominate additional members to the society funeral plan. The society plan is a communal product where all contribute together to be covered on the one plan.

Sometimes the society plan provides different levels of cover for the members in other words adults may get more cover than pensioners or children or sometimes the society plan provides the same level of cover for all the nominated members.

Group Schemes

The group’s scheme will be a plan where each member is charged a specific rate in the group



These plans have a combination of funeral benefits and savings component whereby all unused profits will be split for each paying member annually or on a regular basis

Church Funeral Cover

Church groups do provide additional benefits to the congregation by collecting funds from members and providing financial or burial assistance to members. These plans are mainly self-insured.

Burial Society Plan

The Burial Society Plan is specifically designed to meet the desired requirements of your own Burial Society. It will also offer you and your members a number of great benefits.

Additional Features and Benefits

The comprehensive Burial Support Plan is not just ideally appropriate for burial societies. It’s also great for churches, parlours, NGOs, stokvels and clubs (family, social).

  1. Low Monthly Premiums.
  2. Different product options are available to suit the requirements of your Burial Society. Plans can be tailored to the specific needs of the group
  3. Claims are paid within 48 hours AFTER the relevant documentation have been received.
  4. Your Burial Society is protected from the impact of multiple claims over a short period. This is to prevent financial strain on your society.
  5. We can arrange financial education workshops. This can help your Burial Society achieve financial freedom.
  6. We can arrange guidance regarding the premiums that should be charged for the benefits provided. Especially due to the severe impact of HIV/AIDS.
  7. There are normally waiting periods for new groups but the waiting period can be waived or reduced. This is depending on the size, and how long the group has been in existence
  8. We can arrange assistance with the basics of finance and even the administration of your Burial Society.
  9. We can assist in the financial advice if you have funds that can be invested to obtain better returns on your cash funds



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