Planning a Funeral - Tips & Warnings


Getting Started

Anybody that ever had the responsibility to plan a funeral can vouch that planning a funeral can be a dreadful exercise. You might be unusually emotional as a result of your loss and some people can even feel scattered. A good place to start is by knowing that you are in charge of the funeral. If you feel you can’t cope, find someone responsible and preferably well known to take charge on your behalf. Always keep in mind that unless you are the spouse of the deceased or have power of attorney, don’t forget to consult with other family members before making any arrangements.

Take it Easy

Regardless whether you are the spouse or have been appointed to plan the funeral, don’t ever be too hard on yourself. Remember no matter how much pressure you feel, do not expect to push yourself beyond what you can handle emotionally, physically, spiritually or financially. It happens often that families are pushed to a point where it becomes uncomfortable in every way. Always keep in mind that doing less does not mean you didn’t love the deceased, just do what you can reasonably handle. It’s important to know and accept that not everybody has the same emotional strength.

Stick to a Budget

Along with meeting all the relevant wishes of your loved ones and family members, do consider the financial situation. Did the person have funeral insurance to help settle the bill? It’s very important to stick to a budget. Know this and be assertive about this throughout the entire funeral planning process. While others may try to pressure you about spending and your budget, be content knowing you have stayed within your financial restrictions. It will not be in the best interest of the family if you over spend. Don’t intentionally take on any avoidable financial strain.

Funeral Services

Your funeral home director will possibly be your most important contact in making your funeral arrangements. Some funeral cover providers actually include most of the services as part of the funeral insurance. Make sure you contact the provider of the policy to find out exactly what they need to process the claim. If the person did not have funeral cover, do find someone who has a good, solid reputation in your vicinity. Be prepared, this is definitely going to be a perplexing time. Having someone who can give you respectable advice regarding your available options will make the end journey a whole lot easier.

Cost of a Funeral

Types of Burials

It’s good to consider as soon as possible exactly what kind of burial service and arrangements you wish to make of. There are many different types of burials available ranging from traditional, cremation etc. They range in price and availability so make sure that you make the right choice according to the wishes of the deceased as well as the set budget. Do consult with the religious institution you wish to conduct the burial service; usually the family will prefer the institution the person used to visit. Many do have busy schedules, so get in contact as soon as possible will help you get the best availability options.

Decide what music you wish to have at the Church. Don’t forget some Churches might be particular about what kind music will be allowed so you will want to check with them before planning the musical program.

Who Does What?

Determine how you wish to involve the family and friends in the service, at some services some family members prefer to exclude other family members for various reasons. Be careful not to make exclude family member due to personal reasons. Different venues allow for different participation, find out before you arrange anything. Some people are also more comfortable in taking on roles than others. Do respect people’s hesitations. As a rule of thumb funerals are challenging for everyone involved, and some people might feel incapable to take on added duties. This does not mean that the person rejecting participation did not care about the deceased.


It’s suggested that you check with your funeral director about obituaries. Some newspapers are considerably more expensive than others and many cover exactly the same territories. Many newspapers actually have an on-line form with guidance to help you plan the obituary. Some funeral directors will also be able to help you with the task.

Warnings When Planning a Funeral

Warning Sign

Check the deceased’s insurance policies, they might have had funeral cover.
Make sure you find a solid, respected funeral director.
Stick to a budget, don’t allow anybody to push you into over spending.
Only involve family & friends if they are willing, respect their participation.
Do not let people push you into doing things you are not prepared to do physically, emotionally or financially.
Get other to help you contact all the people that will be attending.
It’s not possible to please everyone, don’t ever blame your

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