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Introduction to Funeral Cover Finder

We strive to bring you the best information, advice and news the industry has to offer. We provide information on all aspects of the funeral process. We suggest that you take your time to read and study through our information. You can find relevant industry related information under our article section, or you can read through our blog section. We try and keep this section as updated as possible.

We offer our clients free funeral cover quotes. That’s right, we do not charge to use our service. If you are satisfied with your free funeral insurance quote, we will arrange your funeral plan at no additional costs. We have been awarded top AVBOB broker nationally in 2012 & 2013. We do our best to bring our clients a hassle free service. We can arrange your policy without you ever having to leave your home. We have a national call center based in Centurion. For more information about us, please visit our official website by clicking here.

What is Funeral Cover?

A Funeral plan is an insurance policy that provides financial assistance when a loved one pass away. Funeral insurance ensures that you, or your family will get the funeral you deserve. There are many different types of funeral plans. You can have a cash pay-out only, or cash with benefits option. Cash only means that you will receive a cash pay-out within 48 hours of submitting your documents. This money can be used for your funeral arrangements etc. Once you receive the money, it will be your responsibility to make the funeral arrangements. You can use multiple providers. This gives you the opportunity to shop around for for the best prices. If you choose cash with benefits, you will be able to make use of additional benefits including funeral arrangements, discounts, and other financial benefits. This will help make arranging the funeral much easier. Funeral insurance is the responsible thing to do; everybody in South-Africa should have some form of funeral cover. It is an affordable way to ensure you get buried when the time comes.

Who Needs Funeral Insurance?

It’s important to know that everybody needs funeral cover. It does not matter how old you are. Life is unpredictable and does not discriminate against age. Some people think because they are healthy today; they don’t need funeral insurance. The truth is you; God forbid, but you can be hijacked or killed when you drive back from work. This is something that is beyond our own control. There are different types of policies for different age brackets. Most funeral policies will cover you from 18 – 65. There are pensioner policies also available for the elderly. In short, it does not matter how old or healthy you are. The older you are, the more you will have to fork out for your policy. Many provider offer a cashback bonus. This means you will get some of your premiums back if you do not claim.


Do I Pay Extra to Use Your Website?

Absolutely not. Funeral Cover Finder is owned and run by InShoorâ„¢, a registered financial services provider # 43216.

What this means is we don’t give you information to other companies. We handle everything in-house. All the providers have a standard application with a set fee. Thus, it does not cost you anything to sign up using our service. Your premium will be exactly the same; the only advantage is the convenience of signing up online. We can arrange your funeral cover over the phone or in person. Our service is 100% FREE! Burial insurance is a very basic product. Most providers offer standard benefits. There are some providers that do go the extra mile. We have made sure that all the providers we represent fall in this category.

Who Do You Represent?

We represent some of the most trusted funeral insurance providers in South-Africa. We make sure that the companies we represent are well known, and trusted in the industry. We have a healthy and long standing relationship with everybody on our website and have made sure that they can provide the service the promise. We have tried and tested many providers over the years. We quickly discovered who the best providers are.

We regularly read forums and complaint sites to make sure our providers are up to standard. We trust all the providers we represent. They have all been around for a very long time. The last thing you want is to struggle when you have a claim. There are some providers that charge much less for funeral insurance. This is not always the best option. You need to make sure that you use a provider that has been around the block a couple of times.


CashBack Funeral Cover

Most Trusted Funeral Cover Providers offer a Cash Back Funeral Cover option. We all know it’s extremely valuable to have an adequate insurance. Unfortunately, sometimes it feels like we are paying for nothing. As a result, many insurance companies decided to reward clients with a cashback funeral cover option. What this means, you the client will get some of your premiums back. Most providers offer 1 years premiums back in cash after every 5 years the policy is in force. This cash payout can be used for anything you desire. The money is paid directly to you. For more information on CashBack Funeral Cover, feel free to ask our friendly consultant when we contact you.

Below we have listed some basic benefits of all the providers we have on offer. Feel free to read through the synopsis. This is just a brief overview. For more information, click on the image below to visit the detailed overview.

Funeral Cover Provider Synopsis


AVBOB Funeral Cover

AVBOB is one of South-Africa biggest funeral cover providers. They have been around since 1921 and is known as a mutual society. This means that you are not just a client; you are also a stakeholder. You will benefit from profits made by AVBOB. In the last couple of years’ AVBOB has given their stakeholders 1.3 Billion back in bonuses. AVBOB funeral cover will provide you with cash and funeral benefits. With AVBOB Funeral Cover, you don’t have to go for any medicals. Your acceptance is guaranteed. Funeral cover starts from just R37 p/m. The AVBOB funeral plan provides you with cash back. This occurs every 5 years, provided there were no claims made during the time.

AVBOB has branches all over South Africa. It does not matter where you are, you will most likely find a branch near you. They specialise in funeral insurance but also offer a life insurance policy.


Discovery Funeral Cover

The Discovery Life Funeral Plan is unique in many ways. You can have cover up to R60 000. Discovery Funeral Cover brings you great benefits like the education benefit, grocery benefit and automatic baby cover. With Discovery Funeral Cover, you can get cover for yourself, or your family. There will be no medicals required and cover starts from as little as R54 p/m. Discovery always try and innovate their products. There are many optional en free benefits. Your plan can be tailor made to suit your exact needs. For maximum peace of mind, get a Discover Life Funeral Plan today.

Discovery is know for innovaite products. The Discovery funeral plan is no exception. They created a plan that will give you peace of mind.

Metropolitan-Life-FamilyMetropolitan Funeral

Metropolitan Life is an all-round company that provides various different insurance products. They have very solid funeral plan that gets straight to the point. With the Metropolitan Funeral plan, you get a cash pay-out and have the opportunity to make your own funeral arrangements. Metropolitan covers you between R5 000 & R50 000. You can cover your family or just yourself. Metropolitan has no medical questions and guarantees your acceptance. Metropolitan Funeral has a solid reputation and ensures that if all documents are received, you will receive your cash benefit within 48 hours.

Trusted Funeral Cover Providers

With AVBOB, Metropolitan and Discovery Life, you can rest assured that you or your family will be properly taken care of in a time of need. They are all companies you can rely on. They have been around for a very long time and have proven that the funeral insurance they provide are of world class. Feel free to click on the names of providers for more information regarding their services.

How Do I Sign Up?

We try and make the process as easy as possible. We supply you with all the information regarding every respective provider. You can study every product and determine what funeral plan will work the best for your own needs. Once you have found the best funeral cover provider for your needs, simply complete the contact form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

We will arrange everything for you. Our services are 100% FREE. We are a registered financial services provider and do everything in-house. We do not provide your details to any unconcerned parties. We make sure that your contact details are kept safe at all times. Our website is also “Safe Site” verified.

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What is Funeral Cover?

Funeral Cover is an insurance policy that will pay you, or your family cash in the event of death. You can cover your direct, and indirect family members. Payouts are usually done withing 48 hours of a claim. Quick Payouts make money available as quick as poosible. Read More


Who Needs Funeral Cover?

Everybody needs funeral cover. It does not matter how old you are. Death does not discriminate. Death can happen to anybody on any day. Read More


Do I Need A Medical Examination?

Funeral Insurance does not require any medical examinations. Trusted burial insurance providers will always give you the benfit of the doubt. Your medical history does not influence your monthly premium. Read More


Who Do You Represent?

We represent only the best providers in South Africa. We offer AVBOB, Metropolitan Life & Discovery Life. We have made sure all our providers have amazing products & services. Read More


How Much Does it Cost?

Every funeral plan will be unique. Premiums are worked out according to your age, the amount of people and cover level you need. We do our best to make sure you get the best possible deal. Read More


How do I Get A Free Quote?

Getting a free funeral cover quote has never been easier. All you need to do is complete our basic contact form. One of our friendly consultant will give you a quick call to explain everything to you. We will do a free quote for you. If you are happy with your free quote, we can arrange your cover at no additional cost. Get a Quote Now


Is This Service Free?

100%. We are a registered financial service provider. This means we can arrange your policy at no additional cost to our clients. Using our service will not cost our clients anything extra on their policy fees. There is absolutely no reason not to use our service. Read More


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