Who Should Buy an AVBOB Funeral Plan?

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Who Should Buy an AVBOB Funeral Plan?


The short answer to this question is; everybody. Most people will need an AVBOB funeral plan. However, I am sure that you are after something a little bit more in-depth than this, so let’s take a little look, shall we?If you have extensive life insurance already, it is highly-unlikely that you are going to need to have burial insurance. You will, of course, need to check the terms and conditions of your policy, but it is likely that your life insurance policy will cover your burial. If it does not, then either change the policy that you have, if you can, or you can get in touch with us.

There may be an option for them to add burial insurance to your current life insurance policy. It is unlikely it will cost all that much extra for this. When your life policy has some form of funeral benefit, it might not always be the best option. AVBOB specialise in funerals and funeral services. This means you get great quality service with your policy. You can do everything form the same place. AVBOB has lots of experience in the field. There are many befits to use a proper funeral insurance provider.

Who Needs AVBOB?

I recommend everybody over the age of 65 purchases burial insurance. Yes, some people are dying older nowadays. However, sadly, it is nigh on impossible to predict exactly when you are going to die. However, I always recommend that a person has burial insurance in place, no matter their age. Generally speaking, the vast majority of people over the age of 65 will find it very expensive to get life & funeral insurance. This is because there is absolutely no benefit to the insurance company when offering insurance to people at this age. After all, they make their money when people don’t die while they have their policy. Over the age of 65 you are, obviously, closer to dying than the day that you were born (sadly). Therefore, at this age, burial insurance is going to be your only benefit.

Fixed Term Burial Cover

If you can, you should try and avoid fixed-term burial insurance. It tends to be fairly expensive. The only time I would really suggest that you go down the route of fixed term burial insurance is if you are over the age of 76. For the elderly, this is often the only option. Below that, get a slightly longer-term policy. This way you are not going to have to worry about your policy expiring and you being left with no coverage. Generally speaking, a long-term insurance policy will also be a lot cheaper, so you will be able to save some money. We can help you structure your AVBOB funeral plan to be the most viable. This is what we are good at.


As I mentioned previously; if you are under the age of 65, then you really should be opting for life insurance as well. However, I do know that for some people this can be incredibly expensive. If you can’t afford a whole life insurance policy then you should, instead, try and purchase burial insurance. It is going to be incredibly cheap at a young age. It is, obviously, going to be unlikely that you will die at such a young age, but at least you can feel confident knowing that your family have protected should you die at a young age. After all, if you are unable to afford a life insurance policy, it is unlikely that you will have the money sitting around in your bank account to cover the costs of a funeral.

AVBOB has an incredible burial plan. You can rest assured that you or your family will be taken care of. They offer amazing services at a very reasonable cost. Get a free quote today. You have nothing to lose except the worries of not having a burial plan.

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