What Does Funeral Insurance Cover?

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What Does Funeral Insurance Cover?


Firstly, let’s look at the main idea behind funeral insurance cover. It’s an insurance to make sure that your family have money when a loved one dies. This is the one benefit that will always be in funeral insurance cover, a cash payout. This payout will be done to a beneficiary of your choice. This is usually done within 48 hours of receiving all the required documentation. This main benefit on your funeral insurance cover will be to ensure you, or your family get the funeral they deserve. Not everybody knows how expensive a funeral dies, you need to make sure you are ready for the event. Not having money can cause a lot of problems.

With this cash payout, you can fund many funeral related services. This can include funeral brochures, catering, transport, getting a coffin, tombstone, flowers etc.

Funeral Cover Extra Benefits

Secondly, over and above your cash payout, many of the best South-African funeral insurance cover providers offer interesting extra benefits. Some funeral cover providers even offer a full service. This means that you can use your cash payout for anything you desire, it does not even have to be funeral related. You can get interesting benefits, for example, some providers offer benefits like, free telephone calls to arrange the funeral. Some providers even arrange things like free use of a hearse, tents, chairs etc. Most funeral cover providers make sure that they provide benefits to suit every culture and religion.


Lastly,  always remember, your main benefit will be a lump sum cash payout. Most funeral insurance cover providers have extra benefits to make their product more appealing. Some providers will even provide the funeral service form a – z. It’s important to study every provider, this way you can make sure that you have the best funeral insurance for you. Because we all have different needs, the best way to make sure that you get the funeral policy with the right needs is to do your homework. You can click here to read up on different providers and their benefits.

Get a Free Quote

Most of South-Africa’s best funeral cover providers offer affordable premiums regardless of the benefits. It’s important to make sure that the funeral insurance you choose, have the best benefits for your needs. If you are unsure about any of the funeral cover benefits you see on our website. You can also feel free to ask our friendly consultant to explain everything over the phone. To get the best funeral cover quotes in South-Africa, complete the form on the right. As soon as we get you details, we will contact you with more info regarding the best funeral insurance quotes.

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