Ways to Get Funeral Covers

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Funeral Covers Online or With a Broker?


It’s extremely important to know the difference between getting funeral covers online, or at a funeral provider branch or broker. Living in the information age makes finding the best products and services so much easier. Nowadays, if you need any product or service, we usually first consult the big G, Google.co.za. With funeral covers, this does not have to be any different. You can get tailor made service from the comfort of your home. An example of an amazing site to get funeral cover online is http://avbob.funeralcoverme.co.za

Getting Funeral Covers Online

Due to the nature of the product, it does not really matter if you get quotes online or directly from your broker. At Funeral Cover Finder, is owned by InShoor, a registered financial services provider. What this means is that it makes no difference if you consult a broker or apply online with our service. Using our service ensures that you find accurate information regarding the providers we represent. We can accommodate over the telephone or visit you in person. There will be no additional costs associated with your premium. Due to the fact that we have a registered brokerage, we don’t have a middle man to pay whatsoever.

When applying for funeral cover with any of South-Africa’s providers, there is a standard application. We need to complete the application same as any other company or broker. Because we are a registered financial services provider, we have to adhere to the set by the Financial Services Board. This ensures that the quality of our service is top notch at all times.

Do I Need to See A Broker?

So to come back to the topic, the only difference between using Funeral Cover Finder or a broker, is the convenience of the process. Your policy will not cost you more; the only difference is you might not even have to leave your house. Our competent staff will make sure that you have the most convenient sign-up process possible. We will be able to accommodate you on any day at any time. We will make sure that you don’t have the hassle.

A great advantage of getting funeral covers online, we provide you with all the facts about all the providers we represent. This ensures that you have the option to study all the best funeral cover providers and make an informed decision on what funeral plan works best for your needs.


With Funeral Cover Finder, you know that you are not using normal a lead aggregation system. We don’t hand your details to any other parties. Our team handles you details from start to finish. We respect your privacy and will not provide you details to any other parties. The only time we will transfer your details is when you select that you want financial advice. We do not specialize in this service so we will give your contact details to a single provider of the service. We only do so if you specifically request us to do so.

Our team specializes solely in funeral covers and thus we associate with South-Africa’s leading brands. We can offer you AVBOB funeral cover, Metropolitan funeral cover or the Discovery funeral plan. All these providers have various options to accommodate your exact needs. We make sure that the providers we use have an excellent track record and must be trusted by our nation.

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